The crusades are an important aspect of the game and provide a good opportunity for Christian nations to gain land, prestige, and piety.

Overview Edit

A crusade is called by the Pope/Papal Controller and have 9 possible targets:

In the Middle East:

  • Jerusalem
  • Antioch
  • Byzantium

In North Africa:

  • Alexandria
  • Tunis

In Italy:

  • Rome
  • Sicily

In Iberia:

  • Cordoba
  • Burgos

It is the duty of all Catholic rulers to try to conquer the target province. Rulers can lose piety every month that the crusade's target remains in muslim hands, especially if that character has the "Crusader" trait. During a crusade, there are also many events that can either help you or disrupt your realm. These include persecution of your non-Christian characters (which usually ends in their death), free regiments for crusaders, or random characters for your court (some of which make good marshals).

Ending a Crusade Edit

A crusade can end in three different ways:

  • Christian Victory: The target province is captured by a Catholic nation and remains under Catholic control for a certain period (usually 6 months to 2 years).
  • Papal Controller Ends the Crusade: The Papal Controller can choose to, in effect, "cancel" a crusade through an event.
  • Muslim Victory: Though rare, muslim nations can end a crusade by conquering the Papal State. When an Islamic empire conquers Rome, it usually means you should do everything you can to eject said empire from Europe whether there is a crusade or not.
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