Locate your save file – Crusader root folder/ Scenarios/ SaveGame. Back-up your saves EUG and CFG file before proceeding. Open the EUG file in a word processing program – WordPad, MS Windows etc.

Locate the four letter abbreviation of your Kingdom example England – ENGL. If you don’t know the abbreviation it can be found at the beginning of the text file under:

name = "NAME_1066" 
   tutorial = no 
   startyear = 1066 
   endyear = 1452 
   saved = BYZA

Where saved = BYZA is the four letter abbreviation of your Kingdom. Go to the end of your text file and do a search on tag = BYZA where BYZA is abbreviation of your Kingdom. This is example of what you need to find:

tag = BYZA 
   lastpeace = { year = 1101 month = october day = 29 } 
   lastwar = { year = 1103 month = june day = 2 } 
   badboy = 2.333 
   form_of_goverment = feudal

Where form_of_goverment = feudal is your current government.

Replace feudal with republican for a Republic.

Replace feudal with Diaretic for an Ecclestical goverment.

Save the file and exit before you start the game.