A holy order is an organisation of religious warriors which can be hired by a ruler of corresponding religion to fight for them. Holy orders cost piety to hire and require a monthly upkeep of a few gold. However, in a religious defensive war they have no monthly upkeep. The leader of a holy order bears a title of ducal rank, representing that order. Holy orders can be landed or unlanded, but are unplayable either way. If a holy order is in fief to a king or emperor, only that holy order's liege can hire it.

Succession LawsEdit

Holy orders use Agnatic Open Elective succession - one of the courtiers or vassals of that holy order will become head of the order upon the death of the incumbent. Christian rulers can order their sons to "take the vows", or dedicate their lives to religious duties. If a character who shows martial aptitude is ordered to do so he may choose to join one of the holy orders. Sons who join orders in this way may end up in charge of a barony controlled by that order, or may eventually become head of that order.

List of OrdersEdit

Almost all religions in Crusader Kings II has at least one holy order, but not all holy orders are extant at the game's start, and require certain events to come into existence. These are discussed on each individual order's page. Pagan religions require reformation for their holy order to appear, and the Jewish and Zoroastrian religions require restoration of the High Priesthood for theirs to appear. Heresies do not have holy orders, but the holy orders of the parent religion can become associated with a given heresy if that heresy becomes larger than the parent.










Reformed Norse

Reformed Tengri

Reformed West African

Reformed Slavic

Reformed Romuva

Reformed Suomenusko




Reformed Zunist

Reformed Aztec

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