Icon prestige Prestige is a measure of how honorable and respected a character is. It contributes to Score on character's death.

Prestige is increased in a variety of ways. Any given title will gradually increase the holder's prestige. A high Diplomacy skill will slowly increase Prestige, as will having a lot of vassals. Creating or usurping titles will also give a lump sum of Prestige, and some traits give Prestige per month. Winning battles and sieges earns significant prestige, divided primarily among the flank leaders, but also among the unit owners. Wars fought under most casus belli give a significant prestige boost to the winner and major participants, and cost the loser prestige. Tribal rulers may gain Prestige by assigning their steward to Build Legend. Patricians get 1 Prestige per month for every 2000 gold they have (caps out at 6000 gold).

Prestige has a few uses. Nobles will like you more the more prestigious you are; there is a +1 relations bonus for each 100 prestige, to a maximum of +20. All Prestige attained by characters you've played is added up to form part of your final score. Most buildings in tribal holdings are upgraded by spending prestige, and tribal rulers may also raise a special army by spending 500 prestige.

The amount of prestige gained by creating, usurping or destroying a title, as well as the monthly gains from holding a title, are given in the following table:

Name Creation Destruction Usurp Hold directly Vassal holds
Barony 50 N/A N/A 0.025 0.025
County N/A N/A N/A 0.1 0.1
Duchy 200 -200 50 0.2 0.2
Kingdom 400 -400 100 0.8 0.8
Empire 800 -800 200 1.6 N/A

Dynasty Prestige Edit

Dynasty Prestige is a measure of the accomplishments of an entire dynasty. It is visible by going to the dynasty screen from the character window. At birth, a character's personal prestige is set to 1/5 of their dynasty prestige. At marriage, characters gain 1/10 of their spouse's dynasty prestige (making AI more willing to marry into prestigious dynasties). Both of those fractions are alterable in defines.lua

Dynasty prestige is calculated by summing up all titles held by living dynasty members plus those held by deceased ones. The same title will count multiple times if held by several dynasty members in succession, so if A holds a kingdom and his son B later inherits it, the dynasty will be credited with two held kingdoms and 40 prestige. The amount of prestige per title is:

Dynasty Prestige Values
Barony County Duchy Kingdom Empire

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