Semi-salic Consanguinity is a Law of Succession. It is different from Semi-salic Primogeniture in that heirs are not determined by age.

Consanguinity means that the best candidate inherits, chosen from amongst the closest relatives of the present ruler. All sons will be listed first, then more distant relatives. "Best" is determined by a formula which takes many factors into account, including titles, character abilities, and more.

As as example: King John has three children: William, Edith and Robert. William has two children, Constance and John. Edith is married and has a son Guy. Robert has a son Roger. Let's illustrate this in a chart:

              King John
   |              |      |
William         Edith  Robert 
   |              |      |
   |--------|     |      |
   |        |     |      |
Constance  John  Guy   Roger

Following the law of semi-salic consanguinity, the line of inheritance would be chosen from the following groups:

  1. William and Robert
  2. young John, Guy, and Roger
  3. Any sons of Constance, young John, Guy, and Robert
  4. Any brothers of King John
  5. Any male descendants of King John's brothers (if any)
  6. Any other males related to King John, by family-tree distance from him